The Standardized Russian Blue Cat

ca-k9services Russian Blue Cat

Caring for the Russian blue cat has become easy after the cat was standardized by mating the Arkhangelsk with the Siamease blue. A rigorous selection was done to help the breeders obtain a standard breed in1965. According to some authors, the blue cat is as a result of acclimatization of the Mediterranean blue cat with the Russian soldier in the northern Russia. This cat is believed to have multiplied up to the end of the World War II when the British and the Scandinavian created the current form of breed by interbreeding and carrying out a thorough selection that resulted in the current Russian blue.

The modern Russian Blue is medium-sized with a short hair and has a rectangular- shaped head. It has relatively long hair with a forehead that is broad and a sharp front nasal line.  The ears are wide and slightly pointed towards the end.    The ears are transparent, thin and have a dense hair covering it.  The large greenish eyes make the cat look beautiful. When they are opened they look large and expressive.

The cat boasts of a moderately developed neck with a smooth trunk made up of compact muscles that are supported with strong front limbs. The neck is well connected to the trunk and the head.  The ends of the limbs have hard and sharp claws.

The cat looks wild; it has a supple and graceful body and is very sensitive. It has a conical face but it is not as wild as it looks.  The face is rich in hair   and the cat boasts of long feet with thin bones and a thick tail. The true color of the Russian blue cat is bright grey silvery.

One important feature of this cat is the ability to pay attention and affection to its master. It remains attached to its master. It is a one of man’s best pet and thus, when you give it out as a gift; you will miss its company.  As mentioned, the cat is very shy against strangers and has to learn to adapt to any new environment.

If your house is noisy, this cat will obviously be uncomfortable. If you are a busy person and you live in an apartment, the cat will be an interesting companion for you. If you are planning to breed the cat, you must first of all set a good physical environment and breed the cat naturally. Crossing it with other breeds may give you a superior cat depending on the breed it is being crossed with.  Health wise, the Russian blue has a few health issues you must fathom with. Even though, the cat is not prone to genetic defects. It is hypoallergenic and is a very good pet for individuals who are sensitive.  The cat’s life expectancy is about 15 years. This is the type of a cat you would consider buying for your mom to give her company if she is at home alone.

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