Russian Blue Cats for Adoption 2015 – Devoted Companions with a Gentle Temperament

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Animal rescue teams and animals shelters are some of the options if you want to adopt a pet cat for the family. Cats are more appropriate if you do not have the energy to take care of dogs. One suggestion is Russian blue cats for adoption 2015 so that you can have an affectionate and well mannered companion. Russian blue cats as their name implies originated from Russia. The presence of a blue warm thick coat means that the cats are accustomed to surviving in cold climates. The Russian blue cat has undergone some crossbreeding with other breeds but it has retained its blue-gray color with shimmering silver tips and the wide vivid green eyes and large ears.

How to choose the right cat from the animal shelter
Cats make perfect pets because they do not demand a lot from your time. As you walk past the cages on the animal shelter, you will notice that there are cats that will try to grab your attention by consistently meowing while there are cats that will just lie back and observe what you are up to. Cats have different personalities and if you want a pet that is quiet, well behaved and intelligent, you best option is the Russian blue cat. The Russian blue is content being alone but it can also clamor for attention. The cat loves human company and can get along well with children and other pets. Its personality and temperament might be ideal for your lifestyle. Young children do not often have the maturity to handle cats carefully, but you can be assured that the Russian blue kittens can withstand rough handling. One they have had enough, they will simply slip away and look for a quiet place. If you already own a cat, you can still make room for a Russian blue kitten because it can get along well with other cats.

How to introduce a new cat to the household
Regardless of the kind of cat that you will eventually choose to adopt, how it is introduced to the new surroundings will successfully manage any future problems. From Day 1, you should train the cat that it is not allowed to go out of the home. When you choose your cat from the animal shelter, make sure that is has been spayed or neutered so that it will not escape to look for a mate. If the cat is trained to stay indoors, he will never miss playing with other cats and it will avoid contracting diseases brought by other cats in the neighborhood. Spaying and neutering not only controls the overpopulation of cats, it allows them a longer and healthier life.

It may take days or weeks for a cat to adjust its surroundings. Don’t expect your Russian blue kitten to be immediately affectionate because it will observe until it is convinced that it is in a safe and secure place. Its wide green eyes are very intelligent and it knows who it generally prefers among the members of the household.

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