Meditation and its Benefits

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For decades, perhaps even centuries, some people from the orient have reaped the benefits which meditation can offer whilst those in the west just believed those benefits to be myths. Today though those benefits once thought of as mere myth, are being proven to be real and significant. This has, of course, led to many people in the west also taking up meditation in order to get the advantage of the benefits to health which meditation can provide.

In recent years many scientific experiments have been carried out in order to ascertain the true value which meditating can offer and the results are perhaps surprising as not only are the benefits real but they are also possible to attain from just 10 minutes meditation per day. Today in this modern lifestyle, most people’s schedules are already full but even the busiest of us can find 10 minutes spare in our bust days. Many people find that they have 10 minutes spare before bed at night or perhaps in the morning as they wake but regardless of when they find that 10 minutes if it is spent meditating they can receive several health benefits.

One of the health benefits which meditation can afford is of particular interest to the elderly as it is a marked lowering of blood pressure, something which many older people would gladly accept for free rather than paying for expensive drugs which only provide the same results and also include unwanted side effects. Another benefit of meditation may be of particular interest to the younger generation, the generation which is currently in school or college. This particular benefit is one of an increased ability to concentrate and keep focused on the topic at hand.

Other benefits of meditation can assist people of all ages such as a reduced level of stress and perhaps one of the best benefits of meditation for many people is the fact that meditation can improve and increase willpower. Although improved willpower on its own may not be a particularly beneficial help to some people, it certainly can be to those people that smoke or drink alcohol excessively. For those people that do smoke or drink to excess, quitting is often one of their goals but they are unsuccessful due to a lack of willpower and so an increase in their willpower may afford them the opportunity to quit and be far healthier for doing so.

Meditation can, therefore, offer health benefits to not just one group of people but to everyone and as such is perhaps unique. What also makes meditation unique is the fact that it is easy to do and costs nothing, something which exercise and drugs cannot boast the same. Researches have concluded that by meditating for just 10 minutes per day for a prolonged period of at least 8 weeks can provide a person with most of the benefits meditation offers. Of course though for an extended benefit, continuous meditation could be a consideration.

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