Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrels and Birds

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Many squirrels and birds eat the same things and so, at times, this can be a problem, not just for them but also for us. Usually the squirrels and birds can naturally find sufficient food for themselves in the warmer months but as the colder weather sets in, food starts to become scares and in the winter, many of the birds and squirrels have trouble finding sufficient. It is a well-known fact that squirrels hoard food during the summer, hiding it away for the winter but it is not such a well-known fact that a squirrel’s memory isn’t too good and so often they forget where they stashed the food.

This means that they have to rely on their sense of smell to find it and so often they find themselves without food to eat in the winter, just like the birds. People think of the little birds in winter time, coming into their gardens in search for food and so many people put out bird feeders to assist them. These people that try to feed the little birds in winter often get upset because bigger birds or squirrels eat the food before the small birds get a chance but this can be avoided. Websites like the one by Garden Bird Life offer solutions to this problem, like buying a squirrel proof bird feeder. There are several types of bird feeder and some of those are squirrel proof although none of them really deter squirrels to coming close to investigate.

One of the more popular bird feeders which are supposed to be squirrel proof is a spinning bird feeder. This is a bird feeder that has a spinning perch, although the perch does not spin all the time, which allows the small birds to freely eat, it does spin when more weight is put on it, like the weight of a larger bird or squirrel. The perch will spin fast enough to prevent any large birds or squirrels to maintain their balance long enough to eat. Although this type of bird feeder does indeed stop larger birds and squirrels from eating feed directly from the feeder, as when the perch is spinning, an amount of feed spills to the ground, they are able to at least get a little bit to eat from the ground.

Other squirrel proof bird feeders use pressure pads which when stood on by the greater weight of a large bird or squirrels; close the doors of the feeder. This means that the small birds can get access to the feed but the doors will always be closed to larger visitors. If your current bird feeder is at the top of a pole which many are, a dome can be placed halfway up the pole, preventing squirrel from climbing past it but this is only effective if the pole is located far enough away from any trees or buildings as a squirrel may climb something else and then jump across to the feeder.

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