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Animal Trapping and Removal Service and Animal Rights

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Wild animal intrusions and invasions may be a difficult problem for those who are living near wildlife parks and reservation, for neighborhoods within the perimeters of these wildlife reservations are often faced with the problem of how to trap and remove wild animals that have intruded into their home premises. Occasional visitations from wild animals may be a welcome sight for some people. Yet, for some people, these occasional visitations and foraging of wild animals into their homes are fast becoming nuisance and problematic for them, prompting them to call on animal trapping and removal services. Wild animals which can pose dangers to one’s well-being and those of the wellbeing of one’s family members should be immediately removed from one’s neighborhood or home premise to ensure the safety of human residents of those neighborhoods. Yet, trapping and removing these wild animals can be a bit dangerous, and hence, this process is better left to the experts who have all the instruments and tools for such a job. Likewise, in some states, you need to seek a Nuisance Animal Removal Permit to get the wild animal out of your property.

I once had an experience trying to drive away skunks and raccoons from my home in Orange County, California, in a neighborhood which is very near the wildlife reservation area. I must admit that I am no ranger and I have not been schooled in the wild. Likewise, I am not an expert in trapping and removing wild animals from my lawn. So, I called on the OC Animal Care, but I was told that they were not licensed to trap and remove wild animals that intruded into homes. So, I called on a licensed animal removal orange county solutions service, because, if I would have my own way, I would readily shoot those wild animals on their foreheads and immediately bury the carcasses of those dead animals. Yet, that would be very inhumane and not according to the standards of a humane society which recognizes animal rights. Hence, availing of the service of experts in animal trapping and removal is the best option I had against these foraging animals.

Animals have basic rights. In fact, we recognize the minimum basic rights of animals to live freely without being disturbed by humans in their natural habitats. Yet, humans have already appropriated to themselves the large tracts of lands which these different species of wild animals once inhabited. For this reason, wild animals were pushed within the confines of designated wildlife parks and reservations. Yet, even now, new neighborhoods are created very near these wildlife parks and reservations. Hence, these animals are further pushed away and marginalized.
We may not consider humanity as being at fault in this case; yet, in the last analysis, we can categorically say that if these animals have basic rights to their natural habitats, then, it is humanity which is at fault here.

Because of the ever-increasing population of humanity, we have tip off the balance of nature and have marginalized the natural inhabitants of the wild. Take a look for example at the megacities of the world which were once playgrounds of wildlife and you would readily understand that most lands are pushed beyond the limits of their carrying capacities to sustain wildlife.

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